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Team TNT-Collin´s Angels

When we arrived at the Chattahoochee River promptly at 8am that first morning of training in February, we didn't really know what we were getting into. Although we were all experienced Marathoners with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society¹s Team in Training, program, we didn¹t necessarily consider oursleves experienced athletes. (well, maybe Kelly did ­ she's a personal trainer and former Aerobics World Champion. Doreen works as an Operations Manager at IBM and Cathi is a graphic designer.) Although we didn´t even know each other yet, we trained with Sandy and 30 other newbie athletes for the 2002 Hi-Tec Atlanta in a training program organized by Team in Training. Under Sandy´s guidance, we accomplished many firsts: mtn biking on single track, trail running through streams, and learning to paddle those big yellow Sevylors. Then there were the not-so-glorious: tripping over roots, pit stops in the woods, and blowing up those big yellow Sevylors.

Sandy never said adventure racing was easy!

With our debut race 2 months away, Sandy suggested the 3 of us team up. She felt our personal goals (to have loads of fun and finish), along with the competitive spirit that naturally emerged in each of us were well suited for an all-female team (something rather untraditional in adventure racing). We were up for the challenge!

With Sandy as our leader, director, drill sergeant, cheerleader, den mother, and friend, we were led through strenuous training sessions combining all 3 disciplines (trail running, mountain biking, and kayaking), along with mental and physical challenges to prepare us for the mystery events infamous to Hi-Tec. With this type of training required to get us up to speed to effectively compete in our first Adventure Race, Sandy was "hands on" with us; demonstrating proper form and techniques. She brought her extensive experience to our full team, and brought it down to the "entry level" point of view for the full team. She also stressed the importance of team dynamics, encouraging us to get together outside of our weekly practices.

Finally, race day had come! Sandy helped us through a last minute gear check, making sure we had enough food and water for the next 4-5 hours, and sent us to the start line. She cheered us through transitions and encouraged us during the mystery events. 4 hours and 41 exhilarating minutes later, we crossed the finish line as one, muddy, tired and sore, but otherwise healthy. We each felt blessed to be teammates with each other and have been so inspired by our first experience, we are tackling another race together in a month!

Team TNT-Collin's Angels
Doreen Baker
Cathi Cannon
Kelly Yachabach


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