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The real skinny on weight loss ...
Low carb, high carb, Cave Man, grapefruit, - diet, diet, diet - sheesh!
Simple drills to improve running performance ...
Here are five drills that will improve anyones running form.



For Peak Performance

Your body is the most sophisticated and complex machine you will ever own. If you decide to set a physical goal, no matter what it is, there is really only one efficient, safe, and effective path to achievement. The Speed Factory can provide the coach that will systematically map out the best route, and give you the support, knowledge, and expertise needed to attain your true potential.

The Speed Factory Connects You With The Best Coaches in Atlanta and on the Web!

Whether you are a veteran looking to hone your skills, or a beginner training for your first multi-sport, adventure race, marathon, 10k, or cycling event, we can offer coaching and training plans specific to your needs and budget. This may include complete cardiovascular testing, nutritional counseling, strength or power training, and/or sport specific technique coaching using the latest methods in the field. Online coaching using The Carmichael Training Systems (CTS) is also available anywhere in the country. No matter what your age or ability, if you take your training seriously so do we. Give us your goal, we take out the guess work.

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Steps to Athletic Success

  1. Consultation:
    Choose your coach, and coaching options, together outline your objectives and goals.

  2. Evaluation:
    Discover your strengths to exploit and your weaknesses to improve upon.

  3. Planning:
    Devise a systematic and comprehensive time line and blue print of how to accomplish each objective leading to your goal(s). This may include outlining an entire years worth of training.

  4. Implementation:
    Time to go to work. Examine and record the multitude of data each workout provides. This is the daily, weekly, monthly, yearly building process.

  5. Completion:
    The satisfaction of your efforts. Your coach is with you to the final accomplishment of your goal.

  6. Re-evaluation:
    On to the next challenge. Now take what you have learned and earned, and apply this knowledge toward your next goal.

Let´s Get Started!


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