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How Much Protein Do I Need?
A protein intake calculator for athletes.

By CTS Coach Peter Sleight

Being properly trained and tapered are no doubt the two most important factors in performing at peak levels during races.

Are athletic nutritional requirements the same for men and women?
It seems that most nutrition plans I've seen are geared to the male athlete or are supposedly "generic" to both sexes...

The Athletic Performance Diet Plan
Interestingly, the athletic diet has changed very little over the years...

Research shows that caffeine, in the right amount, can boost performance without harming your health

What is the proper nutrition plan for long-distance runners?


Athletes have been cautioned that eating carbohydrate foods in the hour before exercise may alter exercise metabolism by stimulating insulin production, which in turn increases the rate at which the muscles burn carbohydrate...

Finish time for 59 triathletes in an Ironman triathlon correlated highly with rates of carbohydrate and water intake (r = -0.65 and -0.51). Triathletes with below average intakes of carbohydrate and water can therefore expect to achieve worthwhile reductions in finish time of around 5% from moderate increases in intake.

An unsponsored survey conducted at the 1997 US Professional Championship Road Race showed that more than half of the cyclists drank Coca-Cola, usually during the last half of the race


Are carbs fattening? Is white bread 'poison'? Why do high-protein diets work? Nutrition expert Nancy Clark addresses the current state of carbohydrate confusion and offers clarity for active people who want to eat wisely for good health, high energy, weight control and top performance




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