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Proper Recovery
You made it to the big race, you had a blast and you're ready for more. But is your body ready? Give your bones a break with ten tips on recovery from Lance Watson

Simple drills to improve running performance
Here are five drills that will improve anyones running form.



Here are some simple tips for keeping your training going through the off season, and staying mentally prepared and focused.


Pedaling Technique and Efficiency
Using a powermeter we can determine the wattage George Hincapie produces over any portion of a race or training ride. What is more interesting to see is how his power delivery fluctuates. Some would say 500 watts is 500 watts, no matter how you get it, but I think there's an important element they are not considering...


How do I achieve my goals?
Some simple observations on the phsychological skill sets needed for successful goal setting and completion.

5 Work Outs to Improve Your Sprinting
These work outs will keep you from being left in the dust...

Improve your VO2 Max
This article explains VO2 max and aerobic capacity, as well as how to improve it.

Chris Carmicheal On Climbing
Lance Armstrong's coach, Chris Carmichael, passes on some golden tips on climbing on the bike. Did you see Lance in the tour? This HAS to be worth reading ...

Running Off the Bike
CTS head triathlon coach, Lance Watson, has some great ideas for improving your running off the bike, and they start with improving your cycling efficiency ...

Running Technique
We all know how essential it is to work on swim technique to improve in the water, but when was the last time you worked on your running technique? Gordo tells you how ...


Last week I talked about the Four Pillars of Ironman Success and introduced the concept of aerobic threshold. This week I explain the “why” this is an essential concept for endurance athletes.




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