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Yoga was created approximately 5,000 years ago in India.  It has become the most popular form of exercise world-wide.  With it's nature-inspired poses, emphasis on relaxation and the discipline it demands, people from all walks of life find it the best way to maintain fitness and health.  In the United States alone, the practice of yoga has increased from 5 million to 15 million Americans.  

Through years of dance instruction and  numerous yoga and Pilates courses, I have created a Power Yoga style resulting in greater aerobic and muscle-defining benefits.  Each class involves about twenty poses, focusing on balance, the breath and relaxing into the pose.   

Corporate Services

In today’s hectic world, most of us are not aware of how much stress our bodies feel. The fast pace and the pressure from juggling a million things at once keep our bodies in constant disarray.  We become comfortable in our own discomfort, until one day it’s gone too far.  

In my observations of the corporate world, companies want and need productive, healthy and positive employees.  How can one maintain productivity, health and a positive attitude under so much pressure?  Simple -- one finds their center through exercise, healthy eating and spiritual and mental enlightenment.  Companies reap the benefits from providing such opportunities for their employees in higher productivity and better attitude.  As a multitude of studies have shown you can't afford NOT  to provide and encourage healthy habits within the workplace. 

Off Site Classes Offered

  • Power
  • Hatha Basic
  • Modified Power
  • Pilates


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The Facts

Reduced Health Care Costs
"At Steelcase Corporation, medical claim costs were 55 percent lower among corporate fitness program participants than non-participants over a six-year period—an average of $478.61 for participants, versus $869.98 for non-participants."
(American Journal of Health Promotion, Loize Tze-ching Yen, Sept./Oct. 1991)

Increased Productivity
"Union Pacific Railroad found that 80 percent of its employees believed their exercise program was helping them become more productive at work, and 75 percent thought regular exercise was helping them achieve higher levels of relaxation and concentration."
(Health Values, Joe Leutzinger, M.D., and Daniel Blanke, Ph.D., Sept./Oct. 1991)

Reduced Absenteeism
"Over a six year period, DuPont saw a 47.5 percent reduction in absenteeism among participants in its corporate fitness program."
(Health Behavior, D.W. Edington, Ph.D., March 1992)

Reduced Turnover
"The Canadian Life Assurance Company found turnover among its fitness program participants 34.4 percent lower over a seven-year period compared with non-participants during that same time."
(Canadian Journal of Public Health, Peter Leatt, Jan./Feb. 1988)

Positive Return on Investment
"Over five years, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Indiana realized a 250 percent return on its corporate fitness program investment—$2.51 for every $1.00 invested."
(American Journal of Health Promotion, Kenneth R. Pelletier, March/April 1991)

Case Studies

"Research also reveals that companies who promote wellness experience substantial financial rewards. Coors Brewing Co. in Golden, CO, who have offered employee wellness programs since the early 1970's, says they save $4.36 for every dollar they commit to wellness programs. From reducing workers compensation, healthcare costs and absenteeism, combined with improving employee productivity and morale, you cannot afford not to encourage healthy habits."

(, Referenced on Oct 25, 2002)





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