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How do I achieve my goals?


By Matt Russ


I have enjoyed my career for many years now and have had the opportunity to work with and know hundreds of wonderful people.  I have trained, coached, and counseled teen angers and golden agers, athletes and career couch potatoes.  Over these years I have modified and improved my techniques and approaches, and tried to stay abreast of the latest techniques and methods in the field, and I will continue to do so.  But most of the wisdom I have gained has come from observing human behavior and how people modify it.  I have seen all types of people accomplish great things; perhaps more than they ever thought possible.  The following are a few observations I have come to over my training career.  I hope you can draw from these characteristics that have helped my clients be successful in achieving what they set out to do.


          Success starts between your ears.  The barriers you are facing are largely psychological.  Very few people have actual physical impairments that prevent them from exercising, and most can be overcome.  Think and act positively.


          Consider yourself and athlete.  The only difference between an athlete and anyone else seeking to achieve their goals is that athletes compete formally.  Athletes are focused, driven, and goal oriented.  They will do exactly what it takes to win.  They learn from each and every set back, and overcome adversity.  They sacrifice.  Athletes (and coaches) plan and analyze.  Attain this same mindset and you will achieve success.


          Outline and Plan.  I will help draw the map; you have to make the journey.  I require regular information on your eating habits, exercise duration, intensity, heart rate, medical data, etc..  The more specific input you give me, the more accurate and efficient the plan.  It is important to be structured and accountable.


          Objectives and Goals, Goals and Objectives.  Daily, weekly, monthly, we will set little objectives that lead to big goals.  Every work out, every meal can be building block, an objective that will add up in the long run.  You have to set your own goals and objectives, otherwise there is nothing to accomplish or work towards.


          Do not wait for divine intervention.  I often hear "I am waiting to get motivated."  Motivation is internal and comes from accomplishment and achievement.  Inspiration is gained from others, and is external.  Look for sources of inspiration, use them to achieve your goals, and then you will earn your motivation.


          Do not say "I can't."  Try, you can, I know it, and I have seen it done many times, end of story.  Eliminate negative self-talk, it gets you no where is destructive and wastes our time.


          There are no free lunches.  If it is easy and quick it is probably does not work and may be unsafe.  It takes discipline, work, deferred gratification, and time, but the payoff is huge.


          Your victories and defeats are your own.  You own them both equally.



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